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Flash2X Flash Player 3.0

It is actually developed to play Flash SWF and Flash FLV video files
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Flash2X Flash player is a small and simple player. But it is not to play your simple media files like AVI, MPEG, WMV etc. Flash2X Flash Player is actually developed to play Flash SWF and Flash FLV video files. It is able to play your SWF Flash and FLV video files with its original quality. Flash2X Flash player comes with a simple interface which is not so attractive but it is easy to use and have basic functions. It includes a status bar which tells you about the size of video or flash file and the location of the file. It also has a play list option so you can create your play lists of Flash and video files and save them in a file. For the Flash files it gives you the loop option for auto repeating of the flash files. Flash2X Flash player comes with four size options 50%, 100%, 200% and the full screen so you can select the size according to your requirement. If you want to take the snapshot of any flash slide or FLV video then you does not require to use any other screen capturing software, you can use Flash2X Flash player for this. You can also use this software to convert your Flash SWF or FLV video to a screensaver, EXE file or wallpaper.

Manoj Goel
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  • It is freeware
  • Inbuilt snapshot option
  • Facility to create screensaver from SWF or FLV files
  • Facility to convert SWF or FLV file into EXE file
  • Facility to create wallpapers
  • Supports play list


  • Has limited functions
  • Not an attractive interface
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